MedC3 Medical Cannabis Care Center

At MedC3 Medical Cannabis Care Center, we emerge as a beacon of patient-centric healthcare, guided by an unyielding dedication to excellence. Our foundation rests upon the principles of the Nursing Code of Ethics, embodying the essence of patient autonomy and empowerment. Our team comprises certified medical professionals who share an intrinsic commitment to reshaping healthcare through education, compassion, and innovation. With a profound grasp of medical cannabis' potential, we advocate for informed choices, extending expert guidance to individuals seeking alternative avenues to well-being.

Through a nurturing and supportive environment, we aspire to redefine healthcare experiences, illuminating the path to holistic health for every client.

RN Care Specialist Michelle Zang is a graduate of the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) with a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing has over 20+ years of nursing experience. She also received her specialty certification completing the Medical Cannabis, Health Care Professional Program from Pacific College of Health and Science.

Through a nurturing and supportive environment added with health care knowledge and experience, we aspire to redefine patient care combining nursing experience and medical cannabis education to illuminate the path to holistic health for every client.

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Did you know:
  • The scientific name for the marijuana plant is Cannabis sativa. (1)
  • Other than THC and CBD, there are over 100 compounds or cannabinoids found in the cannabis plant. (4)
  • Cannabis can be helpful in aiding different kinds of pain from chronic, nagging to nerve pain. (3)
  • As of 2021, there are over 4.4 million registered patients utilizing medical cannabis in medical states, and growing. (2)
  • 78% of people who use cannabis report medical use to control health symptoms and conditions. (5)
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Our Mission

Committed to a future where health decisions are informed and individualized, MedC3 Medical Cannabis Care Center is dedicated to championing patient autonomy and well-being. Through our team of certified specialists, we provide comprehensive education and consultation on cannabis medicine, empowering patients to navigate their unique health journeys. By merging expertise, empathy, and innovation, we strive to redefine care and improve lives, ensuring that those who choose medical cannabis do so with confidence and empowerment.

Our Vision

MedC3 envisions a future where clients embrace medical cannabis as an empowering and personalized healthcare solution. Our goal is to be at the forefront of this movement, empowering individuals to make informed decisions about their well-being through education and expert guidance. Through client-centered innovation, passionate advocacy, and unwavering ethical principles, we aspire to pave the way for medical cannabis to become an integral and transformative aspect of each client's holistic health journey.

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